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25 Amazing Packing And Moving Tips 2018

25 packing and moving tips for Ottawa boxes

Everyone loves to find the perfect tips when it comes to packing and moving.  It means you have found an easier way around something you were not too keen on doing in the first place. This typically includes having to pack up your entire home and then unpack it in your new home. You want to make this process as quick and painless on yourself as possible! We are here to help! We have 25 amazing tips for packing and moving!

We have said it once and we will say it again, have an essentials box or bag. If you are not sure what to have in it, check out our blog post on The Most Important Moving Box that details everything you will need for your first night at home.

- Make some pre-cooked meals and freeze them ahead of time and place them in the cooler. This will be one of the Open First items you want to take care of first by putting them in your freezer when you move in. That way if someone is hungry they can warm it up in the microwave that should be on your kitchen counter by now. This will stop you from spending a ton of money on takeout food or rushing to the grocery store.

- Keep an inventory of the number of boxes that are being transported. You want to make sure that you have the correct number and none of the boxes were left behind at your old home well after movers have gone home and the truck was returned.

- If you are a collector of wrapping paper for every occasion, the safest way to pack it is placing them in a garment bag with a zip-close so that they are all together and won’t be crushed in the process. Make sure there is a coat hanger in there so you can hang the garment bag!

- If you have to take furniture apart, get a ziplock bag and places that applicable screws and fasteners in the bag and tape it to one of the pieces so you know exactly where it is. Remember to write on the bag as to what furniture it goes with in case it gets taken off by accident.

- Use a garbage bag to hold coats and clothing while you move. Make sure to have all coat hangers facing the same way.

- Create a to-do list for your friends and family that are helping out so they know what they need to do on moving day.

- To avoid any spills with shampoos, conditioners, etc, place plastic wrap between the opening of the bottle and the cap and twist it closed. The plastic wrap will grip to the bottle and lid and keep anything from leaking or spilling.

- Take photos of the back of your electronics while they are still plugged in so you know exactly where everything needs to go when you are setting them back up again.

- To avoid any wires being tangled in the move, you can either zip tie them closed or place them in ziplock bags so they will not tangle with other cords.

- Use your clothes to protect any fragile items from breaking.

- Make your bed first when you move in so that you can crawl right in when you are too tired to keep going.

- Use an empty egg carton for holding jewelry so they do not get tangled.

- Use clear storage bins for packing your food from your fridge and cupboards so you can see what is in there if you need anything for making a quick meal.

- If you are packing makeup, use cotton pads and balls in eyeshadows and powdered foundations to avoid any breakage.

- Vacuum seal bags are great for having to store and move extra blankets, clothes, and coats.

- If you have hired movers, may sure you get a copy of what they do and do not move! You don’t want to find out they don’t move items like pianos or large furniture that cannot be taken apart.

- Your last grocery trip should be two weeks prior to moving so a majority of your food is consumed before moving.

- Use storage tape to create handles on boxes so they are easier to carry.

- Pack books in suitcases instead of boxes.

- Set up to have your T.V and Internet provided come in prior to your move-in date so that you are all set up.

- Put shoes in clear foldable shoe boxes so you can stack them inside larger boxes and you can put them in your closet right away and know where each of your pair of shoes are located.

- Have a portable speaker to play some tunes to keep up the moving vibe.

- Always have food and water for everyone that is helping you move.

- Take a picture of your new place before moving in so you can have it as a memory because it’s filled up with boxes.

Did we miss any tips or tricks that you have used in the past and find helpful? Comment below.

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