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4 Items That Are Harder To Move Then You Think

Four things that are hard to move in Ottawa - Moving boxes and moving supplies

Packing, one of those things you just have to do when it comes time to move. We made one step easier for you by providing you with a selection of moving kits, boxes, and moving supplies that you will need for this daunting task. The next step is having to figure out how to pack and move some of the most difficult items that you may not even be thinking of right now. You might feel unprepared for what’s to come but trust us, we are here to help you figure out just how to deal with these moving challenges.

You need to consider these four things when you are preparing to pack and move a specifically difficult item: Small chance of survival ( plants and fish), extreme fragility, great weight, and specific requirements. Not all items will fall under these categories but it is something to think about while going through the process.


A lot of moving trucks do not allow plants to be in the truck as they are considered hazardous (check with the rental truck company to confirm) as the soil or what is on the plants could be dangerous depending on the plant. They will suggest that you move your plants in your own car. Some plants are capable of surviving a move but others are not due to how fragile they are and what kind of care they need. Here are a few suggestions for how to move your plants:

-If you have plants that are in heavy clay pots, transport them to plastic pots several weeks before the move. The plants will be going into a cardboard box so you don’t want this to be heavy as it could potentially break if it’s being lifted.

-Any plants that are tall you want to give them extra support to get some wooden dowels and string and attach them to your plants so they are sturdy. You can also put bags over the plant to protect the leaves and flowers from being brushed against anything while in transport. This also helps with Ottawa weather - especially winter when the cold can shock the plants!

-If you have smaller plants, place them in a box and puncture some holes in it to allow air to flow through. Add in some packing peanuts between the pots for padding so the plants won’t shift with the motion of the car. Make sure to add labels like Fragile and Open First onto this box so that it is being well taken care of. Remember to unpack this box first and put them in lighting and give them water before you continue with your unpacking. 


TVs are one of the items that are always thought of last when you have to pack. Some simply think that you can take the t.v and put it in the back of your car and you are good to go! This is not always the case because the sizes of TVs vary greatly. One of the suggestions we can make is packing the tv pack in the box that it came in but not everyone keeps the packing. Here are a few suggestions on how to pack your tv:

-Remove all cords that are plugged into the tv. The main power cord obviously cannot always be removed so we suggest wrapping the cord and zip typing it to secure it together and then using a piece of electrical tape to attach it to the tv.

-Wrap the tv in bubble wrap. First wrap it lengthwise and overlap the layer and secure with tape. Wrap the tv widthwise and overlap the layer and secure with tape. Make sure the corners of the tv have also been covered with bubble wrap as well.

-Use a moving blanket and wrap the tv and secure with any straps, stretch wrap, or even duct tape to make sure the blanket stays in place. Also add a piece of the tape onto both sides of the tv and mark it as tv so anyone who is moving or carrying it knows it is the tv.

-If possible, have the TVs in your car for moving them to the new house. If not and you need to put it in the truck, make sure that they are between two boxes so that it is standing upright and is protected from any movement the truck makes while in motion.

-Make sure to mention to anyone taking boxes out of the truck that there are tvs in there between boxes and to be extra careful.

- If the TV's are being moved in the winter and left outside for a period of time, it is best to let them warm up naturally before plugging them in. In Ottawa, especially during our cold winters, the difference in temperature will cause moisture that can damage your TV. This goes for any electronics too!


Pets are pets whether they are fish or dogs and some of them are more difficult to move than others like fish in fish tanks. These type of pets fall under small chance of survival and extreme fragility. Here are some suggestions on how to move your fish:

-Preparation is key for moving a tank because you want to keep the bacteria and elements of the tank intact when you are moving so it won’t be a shock to your fish’s systems when they are placed back into the tank. There is a big difference for when it comes to a basic fish tank that holds goldfish and bettas and a fish tank that holds saltwater fish and exotics. If you are needing to move a saltwater/exotic fish tank, click here for our blog post on moving Saltwater and exotic fish in Ottawa.

- If you are moving a simple fish tank what you need to do is get some bags to house your fish for the move. Put water from the tank into the bags and carefully capture your fish in a net and place them in the bag and knot closed. You want to place these bags in a box so they are standing upright and will not fall to the side as this could cause shock to your fish. Drain your tank and remove all rocks, and places them in a container for their own protection and place them in the box with your fish. You want to also have all your tank products with you as well so you can do an immediate set up of the tank when you move in. Next, you want to clean the tank with hot water (not soap as any residue can be dangerous) and town dry. You can either place some of the tank items in the empty tank or leave it as is. You want to have the tank in your car for safer transport than in a truck.

-When you move in the immediate thing you want to do is rebuild your tank so your water is becoming room temperature or the desired temperature you want as you are unpacking. As it is doing that, place your fish, still in the bags, into the water so that the water your fish is in adjusts to the water in the tank. Let your fish rest in the bags for a few hours and then release them. Again, this is especially important with Ottawa winters!


Generally there are a few mirrors that have been added to everyone's home over time. Mirrors are not easy to move because they can easily break and no one wants that to happen. Just like packing a tv for moving, you want to following the same suggestions:

- Before wrapping the mirror place two pieces of bubble wrap that is the length of the actual mirror (not the frame) so that it is protected. You want to then wrap the mirror in bubble wrap lengthwise and overlap the layer and secure with tape. Wrap the mirror widthwise and overlap the layer and secure with tape. Make sure the corners are properly covered with bubble wrap.

- Wrap the mirror in a moving blanket and wrap the mirror and hold it in place with any straps or duct tape. Make sure to add strips of duct tape on the front and back of the mirror and label it as a mirror. You want to also place mirrors between boxes to make sure they are “pinned” in place so they will not be shifts or falling during transportation.

You may think that going these extra lengths to protect your items is a bit much but you need to remember. The more time and care you take to prepare and pack them the less amount of money you will have to spend replacing your things!

If you have any other tips or suggestions, let us know! Is there something that you are puzzled on how to move that you thought would be simple?

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