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How To Move Your Ottawa Wine Collection

How To Move an Ottawa Wine Collection Boxes Supplies

If you have a large or small wine collection that you have procured over the years, you want to take really good care of it if you are preparing to move. You want to make sure it is packed correctly, stored and transported without worry. We have the perfect tips for preparing and packing your collection from your Ottawa cellar!


Asses your collection and record what you have and the quantity. This allows you to know exactly what you have in your collection and the number of supplies you will need for your move. If there are bottles of wine that you are willing to part with, consider gifted them to friends and family. The fewer bottles of wine to pack the less you will have to transport to your new home.

Since you are the most familiar with your wine collection you know what wines are rare and expensive.

If you are unfamiliar with the worth of your collection, have an appraiser come in and asses your collection before you move. This will allow you to find out further information and what kind of precautions you should make for transportation.

As mentioned before, if there are wines of lesser value and hold no significance to it, gift it to friends and family.

Movers and Transportation

Before you even begin packing your collection you want to consider how you are going to transport it. If it is a small manageable collection you can use your car to transport the wine. If your collection is large and extensive, you may have to consider hiring movers and the appropriate vehicle.

Movers will be very important to your moving process as they are professionals that have experience with handling and transporting expensive and valuable items. When you are booking movers make sure to ask if they are familiar with moving wine as you want to make sure they are not just used to “ lifting something heavy”.

You want to ask about insurance with movers as well. You may not be able to get the right vehicle with the movers you are using so you want to make sure you get insurance coverage for the movers.

Once you have chosen your movers and insurance you want to research moving trucks. You need to confirm with the provider that you are allowed to transport alcohol as some companies consider this hazardous and dangerous. You also want to consider a climate-controlled truck so you know that your collection is well protected as it will be colder inside the truck if it’s dead of winter and hotter inside if it’s the peak of summer heat. Not having a climate-controlled vehicle can have a dangerous impact on your collection. Make sure to purchase any insurance on the vehicle that would be applicable to what is being moved in the truck. You can never have enough insurance!


You have now confirmed your movers and transportation for your wine collection and you can move onto packing. You want to be extra considerate when you are packing your bottles, not only because of how fragile they are but you want to also want to protect what is inside them.

We suggest using our packing sheets as you can place the bottle in the sheet and wrap the access bubble wrap around the bottle and taping it closed.

When you are packing your wine into boxes, use more bubble wrap to place on the bottom and between each layer of bottles. This will cushion them from each other and protect from any potential damage that could be caused by the bottles being jostled.

When you are placing the bottles into the boxes, remember to place them on their side as you store them at home.

Remember to label the boxes as Fragile and another labels that you would like on the box to express what is inside I.E if you are boxing them by the year, winery, or region.

Make sure you keep record of what is in each box so you can check it off once you are unpacking the boxes to ensure all boxes and wines are accounted for.

If you are using a moving truck, place moving blankets on the bottom of the bed so there is extra cushioning. Try and have all boxes laying on the blanket and try not to place them on top of one another. Secure the boxes with moving straps so they will not slip around the truck while in transport.


When you unpack your bottles, make sure you are storing them on their sides as you did before. Inspect each bottle before putting them away to make sure that there is no damage or if the seal appears to have been torn. Consult your list you created to make sure every bottle is there and that they are in perfect condition.

Once everything has been sorted and put away you want to celebrate! That’s the best part of moving in, is the celebration after! We highly suggest you do not choose from your collection that you just moved due to the fact the contents in the bottle have been shaken and opening the bottle could cause loss of flavour and quality of the wine.

Consider stopping by a wine store to pick up something special for your first night in your new home!

If you have any further tips, let us know!

Check out our Wine Moving Kits that are perfect for the serious collector looking to keep temperature changes and bottle shock to a minimum.

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