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How To Pack Your Garage For Moving

Moving Your Garage In Ottawa Boxes

Packing your garage. Three daunting words that make it seem like it will be an impossible task but it isn’t! We have all the supplies, suggestions, tips, and tricks, that you need to successfully pack your garage before your big move.

Before you get started on packing your garage, order our moving boxes ahead of time so that you can start packing away non-essentials as you are going through your garage. You can also check out our moving supplies to get some gloves to assist with heavier or slightly dirty items as well as.

One of the most important things that you want to do first is safely dispose the items that should not be transported in a moving truck or car, this includes pesticides, fertilizers, oil, and gas. You do not want these items tipping over, spilling or mixing together so dispose of them before your move and consider purchasing them again when you move into your new home.

You will need to consult with your Ottawa moving or truck rental company about the following items being moved in their vehicles: trampoline, hot tub, storage shed, and children’s play sets. If the company does not approve, consider renting an open trailer to transport these items to your new home.

Your Tools

-Pack away all tools that have come with their own carrying cases. If you want to keep these cases together, consider packing them in one box so they are together and you won’t have to worry about misplacing any.

-Drain any oils or gases from power tools before placing them in their case so there isn’t any potential spills or leaks.

-Any tools not with cases like wrenches, hammers, etc should be bundled together. Use zip ties to keep them together and place them in a box with wrapping paper.

-Any shovels, racks, mops, etc should also be securely bundled together.

-If you have tools that are sharp, consider using old rags and towels to wrap around them and secure with tape and place in a box with a label indicating that the items are sharp inside and anyone unpacking should be careful.

-For other items like riding mower, leaf blower, snow blower, etc will need to be approved by your truck rental company if they are allowed to be transported as they can be a safety issue.

Patio and Lawn Furniture

-Remove any cushions from the patio furniture and wash them before packing them away. A great way to pack them is putting them in vacuum packing bags so they can be compressed and will be less bulk in the moving truck.

-Clean all patio and lawn furniture so no dirt or rust will rub onto other items in the moving process.

-If furniture can be dismantled. Take a photo of the furniture and place all screws and bolts in a labeled plastic bag and place in a box so it will not get lost. Use tape to secure the furniture together.

-If you have any glass furniture, use bubble wrap to cover the glass and secure with tape. Consider wrapping that furniture in a moving blanket for extra protection.

-If you have an umbrella, clean it before wrapping it in a moving blanket or wrapping paper and secure with tape.


-Remove the propane tank and any charcoal from the BBQ. You cannot transport any propane in a moving truck as part of the safety and hazard with the rental company. You will have to transport the propane in your own vehicle.

-Pack away any utensils that you use to grill. Make sure to wrap bubble wrap around the brush as the bristles are dirty and the scraper is sharp. This also includes any racks, make sure to clean them before packing them away. We suggest packing your bbq items in the same box and labeling accordingly.

-If your grill is particularly valuable, consider wrapping it in a moving blanket to protect it from any scratches or damage. Make sure to have an additional person to help you load the bbq into the truck. Note: before moving, make sure that the handles of the bbq and the areas you will be grabbing to move the bbq are tightened and secured before lifting.

During the packing process, we do also suggest that you purge and get rid of anything that does not need to come with you. Consider giving away items that you no longer need, donating or tossing them away depending on the condition they are in. The less to take, the less to move.

If there is anything else we should add or if you have a tip or trick that you have found to make your Ottawa move easier, let us know!

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