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How To Pack Your Kitchen - Tips and Tricks

Kitchen packing in Ottawa? Tips and Tricks when moving

The kitchen is one of the most utilized areas of your home. You have friends and family gather in your kitchen for meals or a glass of wine so it’s one of the last rooms that you want to pack for your move. We suggest that you don’t start packing your kitchen until the week before your move as you are still needing to cook your everyday meals.

Here is how to start packing your kitchen:

1. Set aside the items you will need for the week. The one set rule works for each family member, one plate, one bowl, one cup, etc. Keep these items on your kitchen table as you know they are needed. Include items like will also be needed like cutting knives, spoons, can-opener. Pots and pans can be left on the stove top so you know to pack them last.

2. Have a box prepped for these items that need to be packed last. Use dish towels to wrap the dishes and cups as they are fragile. Also, have a marker on hand to label this box because it will be useful to have it when you have your first night in your new home and you need plates and cutlery for that night.

3. Have a designated area on your kitchen that you will place items that you don’t want to move. This tells anyone who is helping with your packing not to pack these items as they may be essentials or there are just not ready to be packed yet.

4. You want to begin with the cupboards, this contains a lot of breakable and fragile items that are not for everyday use. These items will need to be handled and wrapped correctly before placing them in boxes. You will need a lot of bubble wrap so we suggest that you pre-cut some bubble wrap for easy wrapping to be more efficient.

5. Drawers you will want to pack next as they take the most time. You need to sort through each drawer and sort them and pack them together so you know where they are going to go when they get unpacked. This is a good time to actually go through your junk drawer and toss out actual junk that doesn’t need to be packed.

6. If you have a pantry you want to start packing that because there are some items you have in there that you don’t remember. Quick tip on that is if you don’t remember it you probably don’t need it so you can get rid of it. All other items like spices, baking supplies can be packed, and you want to do this carefully because you don’t want to spill any of it because it can be costly to replace it all.

7. Usually, we store our extra appliances and kitchen items under the counters. You want to pack away these larger items as you most likely will not be using them in the next week. These items include: mixers, electric frying pans, crock pots, instant pots, rice cookers, etc. Items that are not usually found permanently on the kitchen counter. If you notice that some of your appliances have some wear and tear to them, consider donating them and purchasing new ones once you move into your new home. This helps eliminate unnecessary packing.

8. Like most people, losing track of container lids is a common thing. You may have a spot under your counter or drawer where you have mismatched containers with missing lids. This is the perfect time for finding those missing lids and placing their containers. This will be so much easier to keep them together once you move and continue to use them.

9. The last thing to clear out and pack away fridge. You want to consume what you can in the last week so you don’t have to worry about anything spoiling. You can also grocery shop after you move in as well. If you have items in your freezer you, set aside a cooler to put those items in there so that they can be brought first to the home and placed in the freezer. This way nothing spoils and it’s one last thing to worry about.


Now that you have an idea in mind as to how to start the kitchen packing process, we have a few tips on how to make certain kitchen items:

- First, you want to make sure that the bottom of the box that will hold dishes and glassware has been tapped properly. You can never use enough tape to make sure that it is secure and will not break open.

- Overlay two strips of bubble wrap in your box so that there is enough overhang to cover the top of your kitchenware before you seal the box.

- Place your plate or bowl on the bubble wrap and measure 2 inches on the left and right. You then want to roll your dishware in the bubble wrap at least twice and then cut. Tape in the sides as well as the end. This will protect your item completely.

- Use any table linens that you have to pack around your fragile items as cushioning. Not only does this protect your stuff but you are also packing your linen!

- When you are packing glassware, roll it in packing paper. Make sure there is extra paper on the bottom and top. Once you are done rolling, fold down the paper around the base of the glass and secure with tape. Gently push in the paper into the opening of the glass.

- Use large bowls as storage containers. They can hold many different items like silverware, other bowls and as well as smaller kitchen appliances like can openers, wine bottle openers, kitchen magnets from the fridge. If these bowls have lids you can use tape and maker to write on the lid what is in there.

It honestly takes a week to pack your kitchen because you don’t know what is really in your kitchen until you open every drawer and cupboard. You will be surprised by a number of things you may throw away which brings down the packing time and means it will get done more quickly in time for your moving date!

Any tips that you know that we should have included?

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