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Ideas For Labeling Your Moving Boxes

Labeling Ottawa Moving Boxes

Labeling your boxes once you have finished packing them is one of the most important things to do. You want to detail where the box is going and what it is in it. The last thing you want to do is think you are unpacking a box of linens and it’s your wine glasses. Not everything puts a lot of thought into how to label boxes so we suggested the best ways to go about it!

Here are a few ways to label your boxes and make unpacking, easier!

Remember: Use FRAGILE stickers or write FRAGILE on boxes that need them, regardless of what you choose for labeling. Usually, do it on multiple sides and also on the top - can’t be too careful!

Open First

Whether the box is your essentials or perhaps a box of toys for your children, there will also be boxes that you want to open first when you are unpacking. Labeling your boxes as open first is letting anyone know, including yourself, that this is the first thing to open when unpacking. Remember to also write what room the box is for, this may seem silly but if you are looking for your bedding for your first night and your open first box is wine glasses, you may have a bit of trouble when it comes to making your bed.

Label By Colour

Colour coding is also a great option when it comes to labeling boxes. Consider using coloured tape vs coloured markers. Coloured tape and writing in black marker on top of it as you are able to see the tape more clearly over coloured writing. A helpful tip is placing pieces of the coloured tape on doors or on the wall of the specific room that the boxes are to be in. This will make things so much easier if your movers or friends and family see that the box has purple on it so it goes in the room with the purple tape on the door. Eliminating chaos and also not finding your box of shoes in the bathroom.

Packing Labels

Taking it a step further from writing “bathroom” on your boxes, consider packing labels to tape onto the boxes. These labels can not only say what room the boxes are to go into but you can also write down exactly what is in the boxes. This helps with keeping an inventory of your items so you know what has been packed and also if anything is missing.

Label By Numbers

You might be wondering how labeling by numbers will help with the moving process. It’s not so much as trying to remember that boxes 1-10 are for the master bedroom but rather taking it a step further from the Open First as well as keeping tabs on the total number of boxes packed.

Writing the number on the box can be something that you can add to your checklist for keeping a record on how many boxes were packed for each room or from the whole house so you know nothing is missing when you unpack.

The other way that numbers is that they can be used for the order you want to open the boxes, from priority to least. Following the Open First label you can mark the next box to open as 2 and the one after as 3 so on and so forth. If you really want to be really organized with your unpacking.

You don’t have to choose just one version of labeling your boxes. You can combine them all together. The packing labels can be on purple paper to correlate with the purple tape on the bedroom door and it also has open first written on it so you know that you want to open that one first.

If you have children, they can also be in involved with picking the colors for the rooms as well as what color tape they want for their boxes. This allows the children to feel more involved with the move as it can be overwhelming if they this is their first move.

Did you find this helpful for your move? Let us know!

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