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Important Moving Supplies Are A Must Have When Moving In Ottawa

Must Have Moving Supplies when moving in Ottawa - Moving Boxes

Moving supplies are just as important as ordering your moving boxes and kits. They are what you need to keep your packing and moving as organized as possible. We have added a large variety of supplies for you to choose from when you are navigating through our site.

When you do purchase moving kits from BytownBoxes you do get moving supplies with that order which includes bubble wrap, moving tape, permanent marker, and a utility knife. We highly suggest that you look at our moving supplies before completing your order so you can see the other items available for purchase so you don’t miss anything you may need.

Here are some supplies you should consider when you are looking to purchase supplies for your move:

Dish Packing Sheets

Perfect for layering between bowls and plates for extra protection before placing your dishes into your packing box. These are a must have for anyone with a kitchen.... 

Moving Blanket

Moving blankets are important, especially if you are moving items in an open bed truck. This will protect your items from the outdoor elements as you are driving as well as unloading the truck. The blankets can also be used to wrap around large pieces of furniture (think TV, Mirrors, fish tanks, etc).

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap is particularly important for wrapping furniture like chairs and couches to protect them from damage from a move. You can also use the stretch wrap to secure boxes once they have been filled and taped together. The bonus to using stretch wrap is that it acts like tape without leaving any sticky residue behind. Often used to hold moving blankets in place! We offer two sizes depending on how much and what you are wrapping. 

Leather Moving Gloves

You want to make sure your hands are protected with you are moving your boxes and furniture. Moving gloves will give the extra grip that you need when lifting heavy things and will also protect your hands from any sharp corners or metal like bed frames.

Mattress Cover

You want to make sure that your mattresses are covered when you are moving as they will be lifted and put down many times in places that you don’t know how clean they are. Purchasing mattress covers will protect your mattress from any dirt or debris that the mattress can be exposed to during the move. 

Tape Dispenser

Taping 40 or 60 or even 100 boxes will take a serious amount of time. Cut that time down by using a professional tape dispenser. Not only does it save time, but it can also make sure you get a better seal of the tape, and helps cut down on tape waste.

Chair Covers

Any living room chairs, dining room chairs or kitchen chairs should be covered when you are moving. You want to protect them from any damage, scratches, or Ottawa snow and dirt, that could occur during the moving process.

Packing Peanuts
The cost to replace an item that broke vs the extra time to ensure something is protected is a no-brainer. Our packing peanuts are perfect for regular or odd sized items that need extra protection inside a moving box. We highly suggest also using bubble wrap to ensure the best protection!

Fragile Stickers

Labeling your boxes is very important, especially if those boxes contain fragile items. We offer Fragile - handle with care - this side up - stickers that you may not have thought of when you were doing your original order. Obviously, you can write on a box, but we found that writing often gets missed - compared to the Fragile stickers that really stand out and ensure they get handled properly.

If you are unsure of what supplies you need for your move you can contact us at any time to ask for further information on our moving supplies.

Let us know if there are any supplies that you think we should add to our list!

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