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Ottawa Moving Tips — Ottawa Moving Boxes

When To Hire Professional Movers

Before you start organizing, purging and packing your home there is one thing you want to consider before moving is if you want to hire professionals. Now, not everyone needs to hire professional movers if they have friends and family helping out or if you don’t have a lot of items that need to be moved. We narrowed down a few reasons why you should consider hiring professionals. Note: If you are hiring professionals, make sure you book them well in advance to your move date as time slots book up quickly depending on the month that you are moving....

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How To Pack Your Garage For Moving

Packing your garage. Three daunting words that make it seem like it will be an impossible task but it isn’t! We have all the supplies, suggestions, tips, and tricks, that you need to successfully pack your garage before your big move. Before you get started on packing your garage, order our moving boxes ahead of time so that you can start packing away non-essentials as you are going through your garage. You can also check out our moving supplies to get some gloves to assist with heavier or slightly dirty items as well as. One of the most important things...

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Tips For Packing Furniture For Moving

When it comes to moving, one of the most difficult things to have to pack is furniture because you really can’t pack it in a box. You have to furniture apart, keeping those pieces together and put them all back together when you move into your new place. We may not have the boxes to fit your bed frame in but we do have packing supplies that would be beneficial to prepare your furniture for moving. Some of the moving supplies you may want to consider ordering from us is the stretch wrap, moving blankets, mattress covers, chair covers, and...

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Tips For Moving Your Office

Whether you are packing your home office or relocation to a new office in your building, you want to make sure that you pack everything perfectly. You have files, computer, supplies, and furniture that you need to move and you don’t want to miss anything really important, especially when it comes to your business. The first thing you want to do is order some Premium File Boxes as these will be perfect for all your moving needs. You can use these boxes to transport your files as well as your desktop computer (if you use one in your office). Before...

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How To Move Your Ottawa Wine Collection

If you have a large or small wine collection that you have procured over the years, you want to take really good care of it if you are preparing to move. You want to make sure it is packed correctly, stored and transported without worry. We have the perfect tips for preparing and packing your collection from your Ottawa cellar! Value Asses your collection and record what you have and the quantity. This allows you to know exactly what you have in your collection and the number of supplies you will need for your move. If there are bottles of...

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