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The Best Boxes For Packing Clothing

Best Moving Boxes For Packing Clothing in Ottawa

Packing your clothes may be one of the easiest things to pack as you don’t have to wrap them in bubble wrap or worry if they are going to break. You are simply taking your clothes and putting them in a box. It can actually be rather relaxing.

One of the benefits of having to pack your clothes is that you have to go through it all. This is where the purge comes into play. If you don’t wear something anymore, consider donating it or giving it to friends and family. The less there is the less you have to pack, keep that in mind!

Once you have purged your clothing, (to read more about purging and organizing your wardrobe, check out our blog on How To Pack Your Wardrobe), you want to pack them away into the moving boxes. We have the perfect boxes that you can order that are great for clothes:

Heavy Duty Wardrobe Box

Unlike other moving companies, we chose to not sell the standard wardrobe box and opted to give you the highest quality wardrobe box. Our Wardrobe box comes with a strong bar that allows you to hang your clothing (like jackets, dresses, and suits) without the worry of them becoming wrinkled in the process of the move. If you want to go a step further to protect your clothing you can use a garment bag to cover individual items and give them extra protection. You can also use garbage bags and cut a hole in the bottom of the bag and put the hanger hook through the hole. Secure the bottom of the bag by tying it in a knot. This will protect your clothing from any potential damage and keeps them grouped together and organize.

This box is also great for packing your seasonal jackets. If you have a designated closet for these coats, consider getting a wardrobe box of their own so when it comes time to unpack it you can open the box and hang them up in their new closet. Quick and simple!

A little tip that we can suggest is that if you have a wedding dress that you want to store properly and not have it hanging in your closet, you can re-use the wardrobe box that you used and store it in there! This will give you peace of mind knowing that it has its own space and will be secure and safe.

Small Moving Box (1.5 Cubic Feet)

When you are packing your typical clothing, you want to use the small box that we have available. The reason to use the small box is that clothes will be heavy when they are packed away. If the box you are packing is going to be heavy you want to use a small box so lifting it won’t be difficult for you or whoever is moving your boxes.

A tip for packing your regular clothing is to roll them. Rolling clothing takes up less space in the box and you can pack more in it, hence why the box would be heavy once you are done packing it.

You may also want to also use the Small Box for packing winter items like hat, scarves, and mitts.

Everyone’s Favorite Box (2 Cubic Feet)

Thicker clothing like sweaters and jeans are not always able to be packed in the Small Box. We suggest using the Everyone’s Favorite Box that is 2 cubic feet. This will allow you to pack your folder sweaters and other items of clothing that are not are not able to be rolled up.  


When you are packing your clothing make sure you label the boxes accordingly so you know where everything is. If you are uncertain of how you want to label your boxes, check out our blog post on 
Labeling Moving Boxes.

Do you have any tips for packing clothing? Let us know!

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