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The ULTIMATE list of places to change your address before moving!

The ultimate list of address changes when moving in Ottawa

The last time we moved within Ottawa, we were still changing our address over two years later. While a company that we didn't think of in two years is clearly not as important to us, we did miss some very important mail that we had wished we had changed our address with sooner. We decided to put together this ultimate list of places that you need to change your address before you are moving in Ottawa!

Changing your Address - Changing your address is one of the most important things to do just before and after you move. Here are a few other places you will need to change your address when you are moving:

Drivers Licence - you have 6 days after moving to change your driver's license as well as vehicle registration.

Health Card - You have 30 days to change your address on your health card. Best to do this at the same time as your driver's license.

Hydro Ottawa ( to either end where you are currently paying for Hydro and to set up your account under your new address ).

Occupation - they need to put your new address on your pay stub as well as T4 and other applicable documents.

Bank - Contact your bank branch or use your online account to update your address. If you write cheques, it would be best to order ones with your new address.

CRA - Log into "My Account" and update your address online.

Doctors Office - calling your family doctor to notify them of your change of address as well as any changes to contact numbers.

Pharmacy - Any prescription labels need to reflect your new address. This also coincides with insurance companies...

Insurance Companies - Whether it be health insurance or home insurance, updating your address is important when it comes to medications as well as deductibles.

Vet- If you have a pet, it is just as important as updating the vet’s office with your new address.

Pet Identification - If you have a dog or cat that goes outside frequently, it is best to update their collars with your new address. You will also need to log into your service account on the City of Ottawa website to change your address under your pet registry.

Schools - If you have children you will need to change their educational records with your new address.

Day Care - Update your daycare providers with your new home address.

Internet and Phone Providers - Notifying them of the date of disconnect from your current home and to schedule for a technician to come out and you back up again.

Mail Subscriptions - Any weekly or monthly deliveries that get sent to your mailbox? Amazon?

Companies and Organizations - Any organizations, charities or companies you are apart of will need your updated information.

Health Facility/Gym - If you are keeping the membership with the same company, then it is always best to update it.

Did we miss something? Have a suggestion? Let us know!

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