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Tips For Cleaning When Moving In Ottawa

Tips for cleaning when moving in Ottawa

Whether you are moving from a home you owned or rented, you need to make sure it is clean before the next occupants move in. If you are purchasing a home this is always noted in the agreement and if you are renting it is common courtesy to clean before moving out. The last thing you want is to receive a bill from the landlord or new owner for cleaning!

Typically you want to do the cleaning when you have moved all your belongings out as it is easier to do a full clean in an empty house than a full house.

We have narrowed down the areas of your home that you should deep clean before moving:


Once everything has been removed from the fridge, cupboard and under the counters, you can begin your clean. You want to start with your appliances like the fridge and oven as those will take some time to clean and any cleaning products you want to let sit and soak in can be done while you are moving on to other parts of the kitchen. Clean cupboard by cupboard and remove any stains that could have happened over time, dust, etc and give them a good wipe down. Clean under the counters and remove any debris and dust. Use any stainless steel cleaner on your appliances that need it so there are no smudges or fingerprints on them. This is when you want to return to the appliances that had product soaking and start scrubbing and cleaning them. Once you are done with your kitchen, sweep and mop the floors. You also want to do a check of the dishwasher if there is one and do one last cycle to make sure it is completely clean.


You want to give your bathroom a full cleaning. Get around the base of the toilet, behind it, toilet bowl and on top. Give it a good scrubbing and make sure it is also in good working order. Scrub down the sink, clean the mirrors and also clean under the sink if there was any cupboard there. Spray down your shower and tub and clean any crevices and hardware. If your bathroom walls are a little dirty as well, give them a wipe down as well. Once you are done cleaning, sweep and mop the floors.


Once your garage has been cleared out you want to give it a sweep and possible pressure wash if there are any stains on the floor of the garage. It is just as important to leave a clean garage as much as the home as you are not leaving work for someone else to do.

Washer and Dryers

If there is a washer or dryer in the home that is remaining you want to give those a once-over as well. Open up where you put any detergent for your washer and clean that out and remove any build up. Do one last cycle on hot to clean out the inside of washer so it’s clean. Open up the lint trap in your drawer and remove any remaining lint. Also, check inside the dryer to make sure there is nothing left inside. Make sure both are in working order before leaving.


If there are any carpets in the home that are remaining, whether they are being removed or not, you want to give them a vacuum before you leave as to clean up any debris that may have collected from moving boxes, taking apart furniture etc.


You want to sweep all floors and mop them before leaving in case there is any debris from people going in and out of the home and any residue from shoe prints.

These are only a few key points to go over when you are cleaning your home before you leave it for good. If there are any other places we forgot and should add, let us know!

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