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Tips For Downsizing

Tips For Downsizing Moving In Ottawa Boxes

Before it comes to packing and labeling boxes, you want to really go through your entire home and downsize what you have. This is really key because you don’t want to be packing items that you really don’t need anymore. Downsizing not only allows you to go through everything you own but also help you realize you have a lot more in your home then you will need for where you are moving to next.

Downsizing isn’t always just for moving! You can downsize at any time in your home to toss or donate anything you don’t need anymore. Keeping you and your home as organized as possible. This is also applicable to playrooms and your children’s bedrooms.

Here are few tips for when it comes to downsizing:

The One Year Rule

You may already have an idea of what the One Year Rule is. If you don’t, it means that if there is anything in your home you have not used or worn in 1 year, you don’t need it. It’s been sitting there for 365 days untouched and to be honest, it probably won’t be touched once it is in your new home. There are exemptions like silverware and dinnerware you only use for special occasions, your wedding dress, etc. Everyone has items in their closets, spare room, and the basement that have been sitting longer than a year that can be donated or tossed away that don’t need to be packed up.

It’s Just Stuff

Everyone at more than one point of their lives will go into a hoarding phase and no want to toss or donate anything. This typically happens when you don’t want to go through your basement or your closets. If it’s hidden it doesn’t need to be thought of but in the end, it’s just stuff! Go through those boxes, storage containers and see what really needs to be kept. If it’s been in there for years you can honestly let it go, it’s just stuff. You need to remind yourself when you are packing that it’s just stuff so if it doesn’t have any sentimental value, don’t keep it. Old things can be bought new again, keep that in mind again.

Will It Have A Place

Everything needs to have a place in your new home. If you are moving from a three bedroom home to a one bedroom condominium you will not have a place for everything. This is when you need to really consider what you must keep and what you must give away. Everything must have a place in your home. When you are packing you need to think of where things are going. If you can find a spot or can’t store it, considering giving it away or throwing it away, depending on the quality of the item.

Does It Bring You Joy

Not everyone will want to do this but it’s actually a great way to determine what is to keep and what is to go. Pick up an item, if it brings you joy, pack it if it doesn’t give you anything emotionally, out it goes! It’s that simple! Honestly, you won’t even think about that t-shirt or coffee mug once you unpack in your new place. There won’t be any regret with this choice.

Downsizing and decluttering is one of the most satisfying things you can do before packing because you are tossing what you don’t need and there is a significant difference in the amount you are going to be packing now.

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