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Tips for Moving With Kids

Moving With Kids in Ottawa Boxes and Toys

Moving can be an exciting time, especially if you have children. They got to see the new house and choose their new room. They are very excited to help with the process so we came up with some amazing tips that can help you and your children pack:

1. Come up with a unique and fun way to countdown the days till the move date. You can get a large calendar and have them cross off the days or create a paper chain with the number of days till the move so they can rip off loops each day of the countdown.

2. Ask them if they want to go drive by the home a week before moving. This lets them see the house one more time before the move date. Considering parking nearby and walking around so they can see any parks nearby, what their neighborhood is like and how far they are from their school (or new school). This will give the children a bit more of an idea of where they are going to be living now.

3. Using the Tape method for labeling boxes, let them pick out their own tape. You can go to a craft store and let them pick out what they want on their boxes. This allows them to be creative and have fun with it. If you are using tape for the remainder of the home, as them to help pick tape colors for the rest of the home as well, make it a game!

4.Let them color! Boxes are great for letting imaginations run wild. Give them some markers and other coloring supplies and let them color their moving boxes. Keeps them occupied while you pack the rest of the home.

5. Have them help pack their essential bag for the first night. Guarantee they will want specific things the first night like their favorite stuffed animal, pajamas and bedtime story. Letting them help pick what goes in it will mean less of a meltdown ( if they are really young ) and you don’t have their favorite toy for them. Now, be careful what you have in the bag because everything can be deemed “ a favorite” so ask them to narrow down which one they will want to have that night.

6. Children get attached to certain things in the home like a favorite couch blanket or artwork on the fridge. Packing this in the Open First box and put out right away for them to see right away. It will give them a sense of ease and familiarity if it has been an overwhelming day.

7.Use their backpacks to fill with things they will need the day of the move. This can include ipads, books, colouring books and crayons, favorite snacks, water, their favorite stuffed animal, etc. Things that are familiar and comforting to them will keep them focused and entertained.

8. They will want to unpack their rooms right away. If it is at all possible, have their boxes moved into the home first, including their beds and mattresses. This will allow them their own spot to be in and they can take out what toys they want. This will keep them in a designated area while the rest of the boxes and furniture are being moved in. Coming back to decorating their boxes, keep note of what is in them in case the classic “ Where is this toy?” is asked, you can find it a lot more quickly this way.

9. Make the first night there something to remember! Set up blankets and pillows on the living room floor and order pizza and pick movies and stay up past their usual bedtime. Mention this closer to the move day so they have some even more fun to look forward to. This gives them something to focus on once the excitement of moving dies down.

10. Plan a fun breakfast the next morning so when they wake up it’s not as shocking of a change as it could be. Can do pancakes or waffles with whipped cream or maybe go out for breakfast to their favorite spot.

    It is never easy to move with children and sometimes it’s hard to remember what it is going to be like for them when they move from the home they have grown up in. Planning ahead with this tips will help you during those tough days especially on the moving day.

    If we missed anything or should add another tip, let us know!

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