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Tips For Packing Furniture For Moving

Packing Furniture For Moving In Ottawa Boxes

When it comes to moving, one of the most difficult things to have to pack is furniture because you really can’t pack it in a box. You have to furniture apart, keeping those pieces together and put them all back together when you move into your new place. We may not have the boxes to fit your bed frame in but we do have packing supplies that would be beneficial to prepare your furniture for moving.

Some of the moving supplies you may want to consider ordering from us is the stretch wrap, moving blankets, mattress covers, chair covers, and bubble wrap. Now you may not need all these supplies but it’s good to keep them in mind when dealing with certain furniture.

Beds and Mattresses

When you are ready to move your bed, you have to remove the mattress, box spring, bed frame, and headboard. These are all things you have to individual prepare to move into the loading truck to avoid any potential damage.

-When taking off your mattress you want to remove all bedding. Use a cover to protect your mattress from any staining, debris or damage that could happen. We suggest washing them before moving (if you are 

-Remove your box spring and also want to put a cover on it to protect it as well.

-If your bed frame can come apart, put the screws and other bits in a plastic bag ( and label it) so they are all together. Take the pieces of your bed frame and wrap with them stretch wrap to put them together. You don’t want to use anything with an adhesive or can cause damage to the frame.

-To protect your bed frame you can use a moving blanket to cover it and secure it with straps so it stays in place. You can also use any old blankets you have as well to protect it.


You never want to move a dresser with the drawers in it, this can be very dangerous to anyone moving it or the drawers could come out and damage anything in the truck. You want to remove your drawers ( make sure they are empty ) and place them on their sides or on top of boxes that can support them. If you want to protect the drawers, even more, you can use stretch wrap and wrap it around the entire drawer. You can also wrap the dresser so the openings where the drawers were is covered and nothing can fall inside and damage it. This goes for the top of the dresser as well.


Couches are probably the easier thing to cover when you are moving - if you use a Couch Cover and Large Stretch Wrap. You can wrap the entire couch and the cushions with stretch wrap and it’s good to go to be moved into a truck! Simple as that!

If you have any living room chairs, you can also use stretch wrap to protect them or use chair covers.

Dining/Kitchen Table and Chairs

Moving a kitchen or dining room table isn’t easy, you have to worry about the legs of the table as well as the top.

-First things first you want to cover the chairs with chair covers to protect them.

-You can either remove the table legs (placing all screws and fixtures into a plastic bag and labeling it. Putting the legs together and wrapping them with stretch wrap. Using a moving blanket or old blanket and securing with moving straps to cover the table top) or you can wrap the legs with stretch wrap and cover the table with stretch wrap or a moving blanket and using straps to secure it in place.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

If you happen to have a coffee table or side table that is glass, you want to wrap it with bubble wrap to protect it and then use stretch wrap over the bubble wrap to make sure it is secure and protected. Use stretch wrap to protect the legs.

If you have a coffee table or side table is wood you can use stretch wrap to protect it as well. As they are smaller you will not need a blanket to protect it.

Remember, you don’t want to use anything with an adhesive as it can potentially stick to the wood and damage when being removed.

If there is any other furniture we didn’t mention and you want to know about, let us know!

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