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What To Do With Your Old Furniture In Ottawa

How to get rid of unwanted furniture in Ottawa - Moving Boxes and Supplies for Ottawa

When people are moving into their new home, more often than not they are going to be purchasing new furniture. Now comes the time to figure out what to do with the old furniture. Do you toss it to the curb? Donate it? Sell it?

We have come up with some great suggestions in Ottawa, with what can be done with the furniture before you move.

Donation Centers

Society of St. Vincent De Paul will gladly pick up your furniture from your home and bring it back to their store. They accept any items that are in good condition and can be resold or given to those in need. They also accept clothing donations as well so this would be a good time to go through your wardrobe and see what you can donate before starting to pack.

All Value Villages will accept all furniture and clothing donations. They do not do pick up your items but you can deliver them yourselves, usually at the back of the store where donations are accepted as they go through what you have donated.

The Salvation Army is always looking for donations of furniture. You can contact the nearest Salvation Army to you and ask them about their pick-up services. They will gladly pick up furniture that you have to offer.

Believe it or not but animal sanctuaries will take old mattresses and couches and use them in pens for their animals that need places to sleep. All you have to do is contact the sanctuaries around Ottawa and ask if they are in need of any specific items.


There are multiple sites that you can sell your furniture, locally. Consider placing an ad on Kijiji, Craigslist and Used Ottawa. You can also post your furniture for sale on various Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace or even just post it on your own wall and see if any friends or family want to buy it.

If your furniture is not able to be sold, donated or given to anyone, you may want to consider bringing them to a place that accepts old unusable furniture rather than putting it on the curb and having it go to a dump.

If you have any suggestions of other places or organizations that would accept furniture, let us know!

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