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You have questions? We have the answers!

Can I call you?
Sure! 613-510-0322 - you can shoot us a txt or facebook message as well!


Why are your prices so much better than other box companies?
- Due to the amount that we sell and the size of our warehouse, we are able to pass on our order savings on to you! We strive to provide more, for less!

Are your boxes new?
- Yes, we only use new boxes. We do not sell used boxes. Our warehouse and delivery drivers/vans are smoke and pet free.

Are your boxes recyclable?
- Yes, all of our boxes are 100% recyclable.

Can we re-use the boxes?
- Yes, you are the new owner - you can reuse them over and over again.

How strong are they?
- Our boxes are the same high-quality boxes used by professional moving companies and local moving supply store (without any company logos). The shipping and moving boxes are rated at 32ECT (Edge Crush Test), or 200 lbs test and hold approximately 65 lbs. Some of the specialty boxes are double walled (wardrobe boxes, dish boxes, etc) which are rated at 48ECT!

Where are the boxes made?
- We only use boxes that are made in Canada and proudly display the made in Canada logo.

Are there any company logos on the boxes?
- Nope. The boxes are exactly as seen in the product photos. We don't make you advertise for us - we hope that our service is so good that you tell your friends how awesome we are!

How do you measure boxes?
- Each box is measured according to their inside dimensions. That means if a box is 18 x 18 x 21 inside the box, you can fit an item that is 18 x 18 x 21 inside that box. Boxes are always measured Length X Width X Height (or Depth) and in Inches.



Is my information safe?
- Yes. We use Shopify (Ottawa based e-commerce retailer) as our backend store, specifically for the level of security that it provides. (plus we love Ottawa - win win!) Our store meets one of the highest levels of compliance for e-commerce stores which is set out by The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Click here for more info!

Is there a minimum order?
- Nope!

Can I change or cancel my order?
- Yes, as long as it hasn't left the warehouse! Contact us ASAP!

Can I return an order?
- In order to provide the highest quality boxes, we do not allow returns for hygienic and health reasons. Have an issue? Reach out to us!

Where are you located?
- Our warehouse is located in central Ottawa. For safety reasons, it is not open to the public.

I need more boxes! Help?
- If you ordered a moving kit, we offer "Too Much Stuff" protection for free! Essentially if you run out and need more boxes or supplies, place the order and we will upgrade you to same-day delivery for free!

Did we miss something? Reach out and we will answer you asap!