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Premium File and Book Box

Ottawa Moving Boxes

Sale price $3.70 Regular price $4.50

We tested numerous "file boxes" and found this was the best value for the price. Other name brand boxes file boxes are overpriced, hold the same amount, or didn't have any handles etc.

We love these since they can hold more, the lid is attached, so you can't loose it, and the handles are blocked so stuff doesn't fall out and items are still protected. 

Need more than 15? Send us an email to get special pricing -

- Our premium file boxes are 15 x 12 x 10 (the most popular and common file storage box size)
- Arrive flat, not assembled
- Great for moving heavier items like books!
- Has handles that are protected to keep items safe and inside.
- Also referred to as a File Record Box, Business File Box, Filing Box, etc.